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Ultimate K-31
Price: $800
Introducing the Kanes Ultimate Automatic Barbecue (Base on Model K31)
Kane Kamp Kitchen has combined its 38 years of barbecue know how and imagination to produce the Ultimate Automatic Barbecue experience. An enclosed cooking area that vents at the top will cut the cooking of whole lambs, pigs or chickens in half. The glass doors allow for observation and ready access to the barbecue. A convenient cutting surface extends across the with of the machine as well as the ample storage space below. The Ultimate Barbecue comes equipped with two electric motors, one large enough to rotate up to a 75 lb animal and a small motor for the cooking of kokoretsi or various vegetable. A hex-shaped stainless steel skewer, designed with 3- predrilled holes to allow the barbecue to be secured with wire or string and a smaller stainless steel skewer for the kokoretsi. Ready to clean up, just slide out the ash collectors beneath the cutting surface and dispose of the ashes.