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Kanes K23 Automatic Barbecue
Price: $250
Kanes K23 Automatic Barbecue, 22 inches deep, 52 inches wide and cooking begins 24 inches above the ground. The K23 is an outdoor barbecue unit made of heavy gauge galvanized steel. The heavy duty electric motors turn 9/16 inch stainless steel skewers that will hold a whole lamb, goat or pig. Note that the skewers from Kanes are hex shape with holes in the right place for securing the meat. Each skewer come with two removable hooks. Standard are the 7 foot electrical cord with on/off switches, 2-three position motor mounts, removable grease collector, stainless steel skewer with stainless steel hooks, one set of 24 inch removable legs and one year guarantee. The back plate pictured with the K23 is a $40 option.